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Training, Improvisation and Composition [Meeting points and differences between dance makers in Europe and Mexico].



We will work in class with the idea of ​​projecting different parts of the body to imaginary points in space playing with the energy we project, collecting, changing it and turning it, but never leaving it.

Proper use of the hands and feet is basic. Balance and off-center are important points and weight of our body release giving more lightness to the movement, traveling to different levels: flat, medium and jumps.

Basic technique will work shifts and jumps that allows us to move with greater stability for jumps and receptions.

At the end of the class will gather the elements used in a choreography frase that will grow for two weeks.


The workshop features exercises that give space to the search for a physical theater. A theater based in dance skills and all that what a person is capable of doing and projecting through the body . Dance, rhythmic and expressive movement is the bridge into this play .

The Set-Improvisation works with a clear frame and offen more than two movement task that we can mix in order to create new context and situations as they arise and mingling.

We use to improvise with everyday situations and basic actions using dance, gestures, voice, objects and music.

This work is usually fun improvisation and inspires those involved, to give it a fresh touch their performances and creations .


Analysis of some works of choreographers and performing Artist:

Constanza Macras, Christal Pite, Ohad Nahrin, Alain Platel, Guy and Ronni, Wiliam Forsythe,


With video material and some examples from my experience of 15 years as a student, dancer, creator and teacher in Europe (France, Spain, Austria and Germany) try to show from my point of view and as simply as possible, the job creators that I apreciate and the one’s that have influenced my work and that of the artists with whom I have worked.